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Network of Friends is Another Source of Online Income

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Published on Dec 7, 2010 Category - Social Networks

Believe it or not at Triond community, the first to view, visit and read our published articles are our network of friends. They are there to support you as they also wanted you to support them by viewing and reading our published articles – no matter how good and brilliantly we wrote them. This article will explain how to get views and earn money.

So far I already established a network of friends at Triond. There are about forty-two of them and still counting. When they visited, read and commented my articles, the views are flushing in and helped increased my Triond income. In return, I also visited their profile pages, read their articles and left some comments.

Ways to get Views and Earn Money

(1) Visit your Triond friends pages. Read and comment their articles. In return, they will also visit your profile page. They will read your articles and even left some comments on them. By doing this, all of you will be benefited. The views will start flushing in and will help increase your Triond income. 

(2) Share your published articles to Triond Forum as a new topic under the main theme you will choose. You will be surprised that by sharing it there adds traffic to your published article which ever site published it. There are a lot of Triond users like you who are also sharing their articles at Triond forum for the purpose of getting views and comments. This way, it helps increase your Triond income.

(3) Help promote your friends articles. It can be done by linking the article link to your article. It is up to you to choose which of the articles of your friends are worthy to be included in your article as they are all written excellently.

(4) Share your Triond published article to social networks, other egroups, forum groups, friends outside Triond, to your blogsites, also to other sites that pay. Because you are promoting your Triond article, do not forget the two most powerful social networks that are designed as word-of-mouth advertising platforms: the Twitter and Facebook.

When you send off your article to Twitter and Facebook, you are promoting it and at the same time you are promoting your friends articles too. Who ever reads and clicks the link of your friend’s article included in your article, it will add views and increases his/her Triond income. This article is an example. Supporting each other at Triond community is the key!

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