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How to Market Articles to Facebook Without Doing The Job?

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Published on Dec 18, 2010 Category - Social Networks

Mostly of us know that Facebook is one of the biggest social networks online where to market our articles – if we measured it from the number of its users. Now Facebook users has already reached approximately 500 million users and still increasing. This article will guide you how to market our articles to Facebook without doing the job by ourselves.

When our articles are published with those sites operated by Triond, our next move is to share or market those articles to people we know - it can be shared to our personal contacts at yahoo, hotmail, Gmail, other hosting sites and to other social networks that we are engaged or to some of our egroups or forum groups.

One of the fastest media tool online that has the capability to spread out our articles, photos, videos to thousands or even to million people in one push is Twitter. And there are about more than 200 million users now enjoying tweeting their stuff to people everyday. And through Twitter our articles and other stuff can be shared also directly to our Facebook profile without doing the job by us.

How does it work? First you will have to register with Twitter. If it is approved, you can now update your Twitter account:  Password setting, Location setting, Mobile setting, Notices setting, Profile setting, Design setting and Connections setting. Under your profile, you can add image and can add Twitter to your website or blogsite. Under Connections you can connect your Twitter account to your Facebook account by following simple instructions. If it is already done, it is now the job of Twitter to send your tweeted stuff directly to Facebook!

This is awesome! Just one push of a button, our articles can reach to thousands of Twitter users plus other thousands of Facebook users or even to million users as fast as lightning!

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