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Our Triond Pages are Traffics Generators Too

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Have heard this before that our Triond pages could be our blogs too? And whatever you update at your Triond page could reach to hundreds and thousands of people around the world without any restriction.

When you open your triond profile page you will see that some of your articles are posted under your Triond’s Portfolio. If you already have written many articles, the first ten articles are visible.

In your triond profile page there are two important links: The Author User’s link and the Subscribe to Feed link. These are the links needed to register to networkedblogs and if it is approved your triond page becomes your blog at networkedblogs.

What is NetworkedBlogs?

Networkedblogs is another feature to enjoy by Facebook users that help promote their blogs on Facebook and has the power to syndicate their feeds to their walls and fans pages. There are about approximately 1,000,000 users using this feature and still counting, and it is considered as the largest community of bloggers and blog lovers on Facebook.

How to Register at Networkedblog:

My Triond Profile Page at Facebook NetworkedBlogs

Here you don’t need to become an internet wizard. By following simple intructions, you can create your nice blog at networkedblogs. What to do?

Open your facebook account and look for netwrokedblogs. It can be done by typing the word netwrokedblogs in the search section or look down at your facebook profile photo, the networkedblogs feature is under it.

When you are already inside the networkedblogs section, at the upper right corner you will see “Register a Blog” click that section and you will be directed to inside that section to register your blog.

Then Fill up the registration form, first your Blog Name, under it you can add a tagline if you need to. Second write the URL, the link to the home page of the blog which is your Triond Author User’s link and then fill up the language section, topic section and write your blog descriptions and at the bottom click the next and you will be directed to the next page.

There you will be asked to write the URL Feed which is your Triond Subscribe Feed link and after filling up the URL Feed, in few seconds you will see that the first ten articles posted at your triond page are now visible. Then you will be asked again to click the “Pull Now” after clicking the “pull now” you will be advised to check your facebook profile page to see the published article. And then go back to your networkedblog to finalize the registration.

Then activate the “Syndication“ by clicking it. It is found at the right side of the blog page you created. That section will syndicate your article to send off to your facebook ads and pages, to your facebook community groups, to your facebook profile page, and to facebook news feed.

And lastly activate the twitter section found at the bottom of your blog. After clicking the twitter you will see your “Twitter Account” and you will be asked to allow facebook to connect to your twitter account. If you chose allow, then it is now the job of facebook to tweet your articles to twitter.

What Benefits You will get from this Technique?

First of all, you will learn that your Triond page could become a blog. Your Triond page can be an amazing traffic generator too. Your Triond page can be used to promote the Triond community to thousands of people around the world. You will learn how to syndicate your articles by using the networkedblogs at facebook. And the most important is – it is now the job of facebook to share your updated articles from your Triond page through your blog at networkedblogs to thousands of facebook users and at the same time tweeting them to twitter legally and without restriction and spamming!

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