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What to Do to Increase Our Google Adsense Earnings?

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Published on Dec 14, 2010 Category - Search Engines

When an article is published to one of the websites powered by Triond, I saw around it are google adsense ads to click. I even asked myself – where does google adsense base their ads? This article will explain, how does google adsense work? How to increase our earnings from google adsense?

Where does google adsense base their ads? Before starting on writing article, mostly of us have to figure it out first the whole image of the subject. Mostly of us have imagined it as a living creature that we can touch, smell it and hold it and then we start writing down all the best descriptions about the subject matter. And after we finished it writing the article, we read it to spot errors and if it is necessary, we flesh it out again to make sure that the contents of the article are truly believable, readable, inspiring and can attract people to get read. We worked hard to get the best contents of the article that we are going to share to people out there with the best tags included on it. This is where Google Adsense based their ads to appear with the article published.

How does google adsense work? Once the article is published, it is now the job of Google Adsense Team to crawl down into the article page. The Google Adsense Team will work down to spot the whole contents of the article and will assign and determine what ads to click to appear with the article that are related with the article contents.  

How we can increase our earnings from google adsense? If our target is to earn much money from google adsense at Triond aside from views, then let us not stop writing original and good article contents as google adsense team based their ads from the type of contents of the article we have written. However, aside from Triond we can also increase our google adsense earnings through creating more personal blogsites at wordpress and blogger. The more personal blogsites you created with your google adsense account being activated, the more google adsense earnings you will enjoy! 

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