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No One Would Like to be Adults

Children in Jerusalem.

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What if the world ruled by children? Could it be one of the best places in the universe because children are never greedy and never tries to cheat? How true?

The world would not become a den of several criminal crimes such as war, graft and corruption, terrorism, rebellion, cheating, drug addiction, rape, smuggling, kidnapping, sex slavery and prostitution, child abuse, spousal abuse, and other heinous crimes. But we should know also that kids can be much crueler than adults. The world would be like a big trash pile because children don’t put anything away. The world would become messier and full of lost things.

And the rate of development would be slower because children want something just for fun and are apt to ignore something related to world development. The world would experience more humorous trial and error because children don’t think as carefully as adults do. Children might ignore adults also because adults don’t have power. Adults could feel lonely and some of them might try to commit suicide due to their situation.

And the world would be a disaster unless an adult were behind every child. If the children were in the congress they would talk just about funny things and they would play all the time.

If they were bank directors they would spend all the money on games, candies or parties. Adults would have to work not to receive money, but toys, candies and chocolate. Most school classes would disappear. The world would be rough and wild.

No one would like to be adults and parents would feel very sad!

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