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The Media Law is Not Fair

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Actually those rights and protections that journalists entitled to could be enjoyed also by bloggers.

It said, “The media law describes a journalist as a person who collects, disseminates and provide information to the media, based on a contract with the media, or who is a member of a journalists’ union.”

If you are a blogger, think about it. The description of the media law mentioned above gives you and idea on how to enjoy rights and protections that a journalist entitled to. The only difference is that you are a blogger and he is a journalist.

Now think about it again, if a journalist posses the ability to collect, disseminates and provide information to the media – you blogger can do it also. If the journalist is a member of a journalists’ union – you blogger can apply to become a member of a journalists’ union. The people behind a Journalists’ union are not purely journalists, some of them are bloggers like you and I.

How to provide information to the media based on a contract? The mechanic is as easy as 123 steps based from my experience. Don’t forget that you are a blogger but you can write as nice the way a journalist does. Sometimes a blogger could write even better than a journalist. If a journalist gathers, evaluate, distribute fact of current interest, and writes stories for print and electronic distribution often with the guidance of editors or producers – you bloggers can also enjoy them.

What to do? Look for an idea to write. Ideas are found everywhere. Look around and observe what is happening. And if you got one or two write now your original news articles. Be sure that those articles are packed of facts. Now look for a magazine or a newspapers or a tabloid that accept articles. But you have to study those articles published.

Next offer your article to a feature magazine’s editor or offer it to a newspaper’s editor. If they accepted your offer you will receive a call – a call that will advise you either to revise the article by adding more facts and substance.  If it happened you are now re writing your article by following instructions from editors and that is already a contract and you will be paid for doing it.

Always bear in mind that you are writing to inform people, so write responsibly!

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