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Facebook is Hosting a Poetry Contest

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"i INSPIRE THE WORLD I" is a Poetry Contest. Its objective is to inspire, heal and awaken human beings – regardless of colors, races and beliefs. The said Poetry Contest is organized by some Filipino poets headed by Mr. Penpen B. Takipsilim and Ms. Ceri Naz and supported by GMA Network and Kuya Germs. The said contest is composed of "Three Challenges or Themes".

On November 10, 2010, the first challenge started. There were about 77 official entries of poems submitted written by poets from around the world in English and Filipino Tag-alog languages.

The theme for the first challenge was all about human happiness, joy and sufferings: love, beauty, friendships, courage, faith, hope, joy, romance, sufferings, hunger, heartaches, pain, confusion, depression, loneliness, suicide, betrayal, battered marriage, rape, murder, massacre, world wars, father/son and daughter relationships, mother/son and daughter relationships, son and daughter to parents relationships.

The contestants should submit one poem per particular challenge. The contestant with the overall highest votes for the three challenges shall be the grand winner and will receive Fifty Thousand Pesos or more than $1,000 in cash. 

Now the said Poetry Contest is already on its second challenge that started on January 01, 2011. The theme for the second challenge is about “The Greatest Human Weakness“. In this challenge the poems to be submitted should be written according to the theme that suggests or inspires a person to overcome it.

So far, there are about 74 official entries poems submitted for the second challenge. Anyone who wants to vote and become one of the judges, the following poems can be read at (1) ENTRIES 1-10, (2) ENTRIES 11-20, (3) ENTRIES 21-30, (4) ENTRIES 31-40, (5) ENTRIES 41-50, (6) ENTRIES 51-60, (7) ENTRIES 61-70, (8) ENTRIES 71-80.

Who can vote and judge?

All of the contestants, poets, visitors, readers, supporters, loved ones, families and relatives are given the right and opportunity to participate in the selection of the Top Five Most Touching and Most Inspiring or the Most Admired Poems. Each and every individual judge shall select or vote Five Poems Only. According to the rules – any individual judge with Less Than Five Votes - the page reserves the right to DISQUALIFY or INVALIDATE the vote or votes. And any IN EXCESS OF FIVE VOTES, the first FIVE SELECTED POEMS shall be considered as VALID VOTES and the rest shall not be counted.

The theme for the third challenge is not yet determined. It will be announced soon after the last day of voting for the second challenge on January 31, 2011 – between the months of February and March 2011. Anyone who will have the interest to join and participate for the said Poetry Contest for the third challenge can contact directly Mr. Penpen B. Takipsilim or Ms. Ceri Naz atFacebook. This is a friendly world poetry contest – accepting poets not only Filipinos but also other Nationals and is free to join.

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