Monday, September 12, 2011

Awesome Job for Private Detective


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There are text messages roaming around which are purely jokes. Sometimes they make us laugh and provoke. But they are just jokes that we need not to be taken seriously, like this one.

A man suspected his wife of seeing another man so he hired a private detective to watch his wife and report any activities that might develop.

A few days later, the man who hired the private detective received this report that says:

Most honorable sir:

You leave house.
I watch house.
He comes to house.
I watch.

He and she leave the house.
I follow.
He and she get on train.
I follow.

He and she go in hotel.
I climb tree – look in window.

He kisses she.
She kisses he.
He strips she.
She strips he.

He plays with she.
She plays with he…

I play with me. I fall out from tree. Did not see them anymore. I am sorry.

PS: Sir, you don’t need to pay me!

Best regards,

Honest Detective


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