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Sex Education for Children, Teenagers and Even Adults--part Five

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Sex education should be taught with values and virtues – needed to reduce premarital sex, early marriages and moral depravity. The youth should be trained to become responsible and morally upright citizens.

Sex education should be taught to our children with values and virtues. Under values we have ethical and moral, doctrinal and ideological, social and aesthetic values. These values are typically been studied in sociology, anthropology, social psychology, moral philosophy and business ethics.

Ethical and Moral values address questions about morality and the concepts of good and evil or the right and wrong.

Doctrinal and Ideological address about religious and political values.

Social values address about social norms or behaviors and cues within a society or group.

Aesthetic values address about the nature of beauty, art, taste, and with the creation and appreciation of beauty.

Children and youths should be taught how to cultivate values and how to admire them. All these should be integrated with sex education - to help them appreciate the beauty of sex as a gift of God to mankind in the context of marriage not from what they discovered from pornographic magazines and video shows.


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