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Listening an Audio While Reading Will Improve Your English Speaking Power

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Will you believe it, that by listening an audio while reading will help improve your English speaking power? I already done the experiment and I found it interesting. What you will need here is self-discipline, determination and practice.

The technique that you will adapt is so simple and easy to follow. What you will need here is discipline, determination and practice. And take at least less than an hour on actual practice everyday. And you will be amazed that your English speaking power is improving everyday.

This is what you will do - find a short story that good for five minutes reading. You can find them from a magazine, newspapers or from a book. They are all written with good and correct grammar. Copy it or cut it off and make it as your clipping.

Then read the short story from the beginning to the end. Then record the whole short story as an audio. Then listen what you have recorded for at least 5 times. Then read again the whole short story for at least 5 times without listening of what you have recorded.

Now this is the thrill and the real practice. In the evening before you sleep. Turn on the audio that you have recorded. Listen to the whole story for 5 times. Then stop. Go back to your clipping and read it for 5 times and then stop. Then turn on again the audio and listen while reading the clipping 5 times. Practice it everyday for at least less than an hour. You will be surprised that your English speaking has improved.

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