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Sex Education for Children, Teenagers and Even Adults--part One

Sex Education

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For the past fifty years I am lively kicking off in this planet, I observe that every time a person heard and read the word SEX – he immediately defines it maliciously as sexual intercourse, foreplay or love-making with a sexual partner. Sex is also about all aspects of sexuality including: body image, sexual orientation, sexual pleasure, values, decision making, communication, dating, relationships and many more.

Three months ago, I read the news story shared to me from one of my forum groups which was about a girl who was a ten-year old who got pregnant and delivered her first baby boy on her 11th year birthday, after she played the “Father and Mother” with her playmate who was also about her age, I was really shocked.

From that story, I decided to do some research for this article. And if lucky, this will be one of my advocate subjects to tell the world that sex education should be taught to children, teenagers and even to adults – to correct misconceptions about sex.

There are many reason to consider why sex education should be taught to youngsters most especially such as:

(1) Children and teenagers need to be educated early about sex to become aware and to become more responsible in dealing with matter.

(2) Teaching with this matter should start at home but parents should refrain from using the word SEX to avoid any malicious meanings that the word may transport to young minds. They can use synonyms for it such as male and female gender, femininity, manhood, manliness, masculinity, sexuality, womanhood, womanliness and many more.

(3) Since malice among children and youths start at a young age, teaching about sex education is a necessity – to avoid kids to indulge in premarital sex at early age.

(4) Aside from home sex education should be also taught in school.

(5) Teenagers lives are crucial because this is the time when they are attracted to the opposite sexes. Sex education is a good move for children and teenagers to let them fully understand the meaning of their being.


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