Sunday, September 11, 2011

One Hundred Ninety Dollar Cents--fruits From Hard Works

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Published on AuthSpot, Jan 12, 2011 category - Thoughts

This is something I cannot deny. Something I can be proud of. Something to cheers and something to shout to the whole world that now I pick the fruits from my hard works with some awesome trophies to keep!

Sitting down on a chair with my underwear, writing down some of my silly thoughts and feeding them to net surfers who are looking for some silly new ideas but seriously original, earned me trophies and some cash.


Being a newbie at Triond community, I will not hesitate to announce it to the whole world that my hard works have finally crowned. They did not come up just for nothing. I am definitely happy looking at my Triond badges which I considered as awesome Trophies.


The amount of 190 dollar cents is equals to 1,000 impressions badge. Triond paid them on two separate payments through Pay Pal – 60 dollar cents for August 2010 and 130 dollar cents for December 2010. I also got my August badge, my December badge, my twenty published articles badge and my five plus referral badge. They are all my trophies that I could be proud of!

Blogging at Triond and to other paying sites is awesome. You write, get publish and get paid.

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