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Sex Education for Children, Teenagers and Even Adults--part Three

High School John Shelley Tim

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I consider High School as the most interesting phase of school life. On this stage new things and experiences are to be explored and to be enjoyed by young students. Also on this stage is the hot point for them to start to attract the opposite sexes.

I still remember my favorite subject. It was biology that include the parts and functions of the human body. I learned from that subject that our red blood cell is formed of molecules. If we saw it by our human eyes they are conjoined but if we will see it through a microscope the molecules of our blood are not hooked up as one. We also used the microscope to know how our semen looks like. We also learned that if we saw it by our human eyes they are the same as our red blood cell joined together but if we will see them through the power of microscope its molecules have its own space moving and stretching around.

And we also studied the five sense organs. We considered them as the most interesting part of our biology subject. Everybody in the classroom behaved while listening to our mentor, who was at that time a lady teacher. We jotted down all what she taught to us.

We have learned about the power of our eyes for sight or vision. Many poets described them as the gates for our souls but for me I described them as the gates for our sins. Our eyes are the first to see and perceive what we see before sending them into our mind or brain. It is now the job of our brain to describe and to figure out what our eyes have seen. If our brain is full of humor, it can describe that particular thing or incident in a very colorful and lively conception.

Then we discussed about the power of our ears for hearing or audition. We learned that our ears are responsible to detect the vibrations of any sound through an avenue such air. If we will see the anatomy of our ear, inside it is a section responsible to ascertain the mechanical motion and other vibrations before sending them to our brain.

Then our study was followed about the power of our tongue for taste and the power of our mouth to bite, to eat, to drink and to speak. We learned that it is the responsible of our tongue to identify and to differentiate sweet from salty, sour from bitter taste. Many scholars considered our mouth and tongue as the most dirtiest human body parts when it come to speak languages – they believed that the most dirtiest languages spoken by a person are perceived from the power of our mouth and tongue.

We also discussed about the power of our nose for smell. We learned that it is the responsible of our nose to detect the different types of odors from sweat, pungent odor from a stagnant water, odor from our armpits, odor from a decaying animals. Our nose can also identify sweet, salty, sour and bitter. And our nose is often used in the school of kindergarten as a subject for a puzzle question like – 1+1=2, 2+2=4, what is my nose for? The kindergarten pupils will answer “To smell Ma’am”.

Then followed the sense of touch. We learned from our discussion that our hands and fingers are not only the responsible for this sense. We can also use our tongue, mouth, skin, nails and hair for this sense of touch.

These five sense organs are our physiological capacities that provide inputs for perception and they are useful for our sex life and education.


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