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A short review to share. This morning while I was browsing the Internet, I found a paying site called Factoidz. It is regarded as a leading community of writers who produce top-quality, highly-trafficked and widely distributed articles on factual and informational topics. Their commitment is to provide timely, fresh and well-written content to their dedicated reader base as well as people seeking information on the Web at large.

To become a Factoidz writer, anyone can apply for it. Although you have to submit the following: A short account about you with the details about your professionalism, job and career, education, your reason why you should become a Factoidz writer and a whole sample of your article. These are the needed requirements to qualify you to become a published writer on their site. If your application is approved at least in less than 7 days you will be notified and you will receive the title as Factoidz Writer which will appear on your profile and all your articles across the site.

As a Factoidz Writer, you will enjoy the following:

(1) You can access their publishing tool. You can now start to compose, review, and submit your articles. The minimum words are 400 words respectively. Your articles will be reviewed and you will be notified if they are published or if they need modifications prior to publication.

(2) You can now earn monthly revenue payments. Payments will be sent off to your pay pal account. You will earn an ongoing royalty based on the performance of your articles. Payments are based on a mix of content quality and traffic metrics going to your articles, as well as the frequency of your participation on Factoidz.

(3) You can now access to your Dashboard that contains all your pertinent information in one place, including your daily stats, earnings, top-performing articles and article publishing tools.

(4) You can now accept and write Product Reviews. Product Reviews are writing assignments to write in-depth reviews of various products and services they make available to you. Reviews earn at the highest payout rate for traffic, plus you can earn up to $20 in cash bonus for writing each one.

(5) You can also accept and write Article Assignments. These are normal articles but written on a topic that they provide. They also pay out at a higher payout rate than normal articles.

In addition – you are given the opportunity to become a Factoidz Staff Writer after your writing overtime are evaluated by their editors. The Factoidz Staff Writers are an elite team of the most talented writers on Factoidz who represent the best of their community. As a Factoidz Staff Writer, you will enjoy the following:

(1) You have the power to publish your own content instantly. You no longer have to wait for editorial review, but you can publish your work so it is available publicly instantly.

(2) You can edit all your previously-published content, enabling you to correct errors and keep your article updated with new information which is a key to long-term SEO success.

(3) You will get a special Bio section at the end of each of your articles which promotes your background and may include one link.

Before the upgrade from Factoidz Writer to Factoidz Staff Writer, their editors will select you when your writing demonstrates the appropriate qualities and you will be notified of your upgrade after you published a minimum of 20 original articles on their site. And as part of their policy, you can submit your published article to other website at least after 30 days published on Factoidz site.


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