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It’s Really Hard to Tell Her--she's My Crush

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Published on Socyberty, Jan 15, 2011 Category – Issues

Early this morning, I posted a new thread at a forum. It’s all about my secret crush. The thread was published automatically. And then I logged out and proceeded to my other forum groups. An hour later, I went back to that forum but what surprised me – I found my item was removed off from the list. The next thing I did I sent off a message to our administrator for his explanation.

And G, our administrator replied, “I removed your post about your Secret Crush. I don’t think it’s a good idea to announce that to people and I also think it would make the person very uncomfortable. It’s okay to be friendly to people but please keep it at that.” Thank you, G. 

I reread my thread that I saved in a folder to look for what’s wrong for this item. What I found actually was this thread was all about reality. In fact I never mentioned for a name as it against the rule in the forum. Inside me was a question, “Are we really growing up for reality? How much we could deal with it?

After that rejection, I found myself uncomfortable thinking about for my next postings… they might be all rejected as well. Anyway, the show must go on. The below was my thread.

My Secret Crush 

I suppose the admin would consider this topic to be discussed here and I invite the members in the forum to participate in the discussion for their honest views, opinions and advise and share the fun! My secret crush started in my first week here.

I understand that to get crush for someone here is just a normal feelings for a normal person. I like her. But this one is different. I can’t see her or speak to her in person but she’s always with us.

Honestly, I would admit, she’s my crush. But one thing I can’t tell you is “Who is this woman?” I know a lot about her. She’s good, honest, and thoughtful and she’s friendly person based from her postings.

I have feelings that most of you in the forum knew her so well. This is now the problem… It’s really hard to tell her that she’s really my crush. And this has troubled me so much. What should I do? Should I tell her? Or I should not tell her?


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