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The Most Versatile Branch of Science is Mathematics


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Some people say they don’t love Mathematics without realizing it that this branch of Science is already a part of their daily lives. This article will reveal some possible proofs that everybody really loves Math.

Don’t get me wrong, if I said that everybody loves Mathematics. I can figure it out that some of you now are raising your eyebrows while reading this piece. But I am suggesting you look at yourselves and analyze the following things I have listed here. And tell me if I am wrong.

(1) The first thing you do when you wake up in the morning is to stand up. And then walked down to the washroom for your personal needs – to urinate and poop, to wash your face, to brush your teeth or to take shower.

(2) If you will count the number of steps you took from your bedroom going to the washroom – you applied your knowledge on Mathematics.

(3) If you will count the number of minutes while urinating until you finished it – it is about Mathematics.

(4) If you will count the number of strokes while brushing your beautiful teeth – you will know how long it takes you on doing it and it is about Mathematics.

(5) If you count the number of minutes while washing your face until you finished it – you will know the length of time and it is Mathematics.

(6) If you will take your shower and count the number of times you soap your sexy and alluring body, how many times you shampoo your hair – you can determine the length of time you used with your shower and that is Mathematics.

(7) After taking your shower you would have to fit your underwear, panty or bra. Those garments are designed for the different sizes – small, large, extra large, which is which? Mathematics instruments were used to determine those sizes.

(8) When you prepare your morning coffee – you usually count the number of teaspoon of coffee, the number of teaspoon of sugar, the number of teaspoon of coffee-mate and the size of the cup you will use – they are all about Mathematics too.

(9) If you will take note the time on drinking your coffee – it will take you sometimes 5 minutes, 10 minutes or 15 minutes to finish it.

(10) How about your breakfast, lunch and dinner you will consume more time to finish them. To sum it up all the imaginable things that a person is doing everyday Mathematics is always part of him. So, will you still insist that you don’t love Mathematics?


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