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Sex Education for Children, Teenagers and Even Adults--part Four

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I believe that the best teachers ever produced in the world to teach the offspring are the parents either they are biological parents or an adoptive parent. The parents should be the first to draw the actions to teach the children about life and their sexuality and it will start at home.

I don’t understand and maybe I will not accept it also when parents find it hard to explain sex to their children when they begin asking questions. Mostly of the time parents often let their children learn about it by themselves. If the parents detest doing their part  in their children exploration for such a delicate matter their friends might feed the meaningless with complication and possible undesired conclusion.

Sex here is not only about sexual act. It regards also about all the aspects of life and its existence as a human being. Sometimes parents forgot that they are the first people in the world to cherish their children that moments they arrived in their lives.

When our first child arrived, I was also inside the delivery room when my beloved wife had labored for our first baby girl. I saw where the child came out. I heard her first cry and I was the first to kiss her pool of blood before her mother. I was the one who brought her to the lavatory where she had got her first bath. I saw how the nurse cut off her umbilical cord. And when our child made her first junk, I was the first to clean it.

To sum up it all, it is the parents who really know better about their children than any other people in the world. It is the parents who know better what their children wants, likes and dislikes. There are many ways to tell and to teach our children if we, parents really are willing to teach them.

Should we wait our children coming home with a bold magazine, CD and DVD from their peers and open it to us and tell us that this is the way you made us Daddy and Mommy?

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