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The Creed of a Married Woman

Valan's Wedding

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During the ritual of marriage, both husband and wife are making promises to each other believing that their marriage will become successful.


These are the sacred creed of a married woman that she had promised to her husband.

(1) I must honor and serve the parents of my husband because they have given us all the advantages we have now. They are now our guardian and our wise protectors. So I must serve them with all my heart and appreciation whenever I can. 

(2) I must be respectful to my husband’s teacher because he has given my husband a sacred teaching. His teachings will serve as our guidance to making our live beautiful in the future with our would-be children.

(3) I must cultivate my mind willingly so that I will be able to understand my husband and be able to help him in his work. I must never be indifferent to his interests specially when it comes to making money because I know it is for our future.

(4) I must study the nature, including the ability and taste of each of the servants of our family and look after them so kindly because I know I can use them too, now and in the future. And I will conserve and limit spending the income of my husband. I will not waste it for any selfish purpose.

How lucky is a man to marry a woman such like this!

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