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Let Me Google That for You is Interesting Feature of Google


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For Net surfers, bloggers, authors and other writers, "Let me google that for you" is a great help for anything that we want to search in the Internet.

This is awesome. Imagine if you are a blogger and presently writing an awesome article to be submitted to Triond and other paying sites, this search engine can help you check out if the title you used on your article has already used by other bloggers and writers and at the same time you can also check out and compare if the contents of your article are the same with those articles provided to you by “Let me Google that for you“.

The advantages about this tool – all what you want: information, photos, people references and many more are automatically be provided to you in few seconds. And it can prevent bloggers and writers to receive declined or rejected articles notices as well.

Imagine that – at least before you submit your article to Triond and other sites you are contributing, first you can revise it after you spotted some parts of the contents of your article that are found on those links provided to you by the site that are already used by other bloggers and writers.

This morning I tried – Let me Google that for you. I asked my name Paul Pruel on the site. The site has created a link for my name . And then by using the cursor, I pressed go found under the link of my name. And then Let me Google that for you retyped my question and in 0.17 seconds it provided the results of 18, 400 about Paul Pruel.

Let me Google that for you – is a powerful tool to help anyone to search for anything in the Internet and this is really awesome!


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